Automated Packaging

Do you really want to save on your packaging ?

Do you want to reduce/remove your labour cost & make the operations fully automated ?

Are you facing difficulty while counting or weighing tiny parts ?

Modwrap Is delighted to announce a complete AUTOMATED PACKAGING SOLUTION by providing a high speed SEMI automatic & FULLY automatic packing machine along with PRE OPENED BAGS ON ROLLS (Packaging Material).

The machine can MEASURE the products on the basis of PRECISE counting or weight or by both.

Printing of Logo/Warning/BarCode/Sequential number/Qr code through SAP/OnMachine system is of utmost importance to give each packet a unique identity.

The system is suitable for HIGH VOLUME packaging needs, The Pre Opened Auto Bags are open on one side for easy product inserting and perforated on the back for easy tear-off. These bags are compatible with all types of semi automatic & fully automatic packaging machines.

Machine Features :

Features of Pre Opened Bags on Rolls :

Industry Serving :

Types of Material :

Size & Thickness of Material :

Bags are available with width starting from 2” ~ 24” with thickness ranging from 50 ~ 150 microns.

Appearance of Material :

Additional Features :

Bags can be punched with :

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