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Identifying the size of your courier bag mainly counts on the size of the products that you need to ship. When you have a detailed record of the size of all of your products, you can choose the right size of courier bags easily, quickly, and effectively. Here is the way to discover the size of your courier bag that matches your products.

4.5X10inch bags

If you want to ship documents, invoices, or cheques, these courier bags are the best options. You can use these bags for shipping some small products, as well, including earphones, screen guard, aux cable, HDMI cables, card readers, and memory cards.

6X 6inch bags

These square-shaped courier bags are quite useful and convenient for shipping small mobile covers, screen guards, mobile chargers, memory cards, pen drives, batteries, etc. You can also use these bags for shipping jewelry products as well as small jewelry boxes.

7X 10inch bags

For shipping products, such as mobile accessories, men's wallets, belts, watches, socks, and handkerchiefs, these courier bags are the safest option. You can also ship delicate electronics, such as DVDs, CDS, coins and collectibles, etc., using these bags.

10X12inch bags

These bags are perfect for shipping products that have the size of an A4 page. Through these bags, you can ship brochures, smart phones, iPad, Tablets, mobile phone accessories, and toys in a hassle-free manner. You can also send books and magazines through these courier bags safely and securely.

12X16inch bags

This size of courier bags is highly preferred by retailers who ship clothing products. You can also use these bags for sending handbags, women's purses, small size shoeboxes and kitchen accessories, lightweight bike and car accessories, and laptop accessories.

14X18inch bags

Settling on these courier bags will allow you to send heavy-size shoeboxes, laptop sleeves and covers, towels, home appliances, and kitchen accessories safely and securely to your customers.

Choosing the best supplier of courier bags will allow you to choose one that will best suit the size of your shipping products.

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