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Several diverse industries need to forbid illegal access to things in bags. Tamper-proof courier bags are being used in many industries for shipping their products to their consumers securely and safely. However, which type of these courier bags is quite safe and secure to use mainly counts on the type of the industry. This means that different industries use different types of courier bags to ship their products. Therefore, it is not only vital to know which industry uses which type of bag. It is also necessary to know the types and designs of these bags.

Types of tamper-proof courier bags and their uses

Tamper-proof courier bags are being manufactured using various technologies to meet the transportation needs of different shipping companies and industries. 

Courier bags with void seals

Tamper-proof courier bags that come with Void Seals are largely used by online sellers who are shipping electronic items and other precious goods. This is for the reason that when these seals are removed from the bags by an unauthorized person, then the word “void” will appear and it is left behind. Moreover, void seals are regularly used on plastic containers, packages, and steel drums, which can stick on different surfaces.

Courier bags with Thermochromic Seals

Another greatest and easiest way to keep contents inside a courier bag safe and secure is to use a tamper-proof bag that is designed with thermochromic seals. This type of manufacturing technology will verify the quality of a sealed parcel by applying heat to structure a seal. These bags are often used by pharmaceutical industries.

Courier bags with graphics

Besides various seal technologies, some tamper-proof courier bags are being manufactured with graphics, such as webbing and gridding. This type of technology provides additional strength as well as toughness for courier bags to make sure that they remain closed and do not tear or rip to expose the things inside them. These bags are largely used in banking and retail industries for transferring cash.