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Tamper Proof courier bags are being used in an assortment of applications, owing to the safety and security they offer while shipping items to remote places. These are the most sought-after mailing bags among many logistic companies and online retailers. They are designed with advanced technology with tamper evidence as well as tracking features.

Tamper Proof courier bags are being manufactured with a bounty of beneficial features, ranging from sequential serial numbering to the unique ACS or Alert Continuous Security roll package. These design features enable users to maintain them in numerical order by making use of bar codes. These codes are considered precious tools for coordinating as well as maintaining multiple bags in order of collection.

Each tamper-proof mailing bag comes with maximum security with void or alert tape. The main purpose of providing the bags with this tape is to indicate the tampering of these bags during their transit. This means that the bags can be opened only by the intended or authorized person to gain access to the items inside them. This closure system of the bags is an integral safety feature, making them the most preferred mailing products among many users who want to ship their items with maximum security and safety to their end-users.

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