Compostable bags: The future of the Packaging Industry

One of the major concerns about the environment at the moment is the fact that pollution is on the rise. Different industries are doing their parts in creating products and processes that can help in making a better environment. The packaging industry is no different and there are continuous efforts to come up with new products that can keep pollution at bay and also eventually replace single-use plastics. One such invention is Eco Carry bags. As the name suggests they are a type of bag that doesn’t harm the environment as they are compostable. In this blog, you will know about the item in detail.

What are they?

The 100% Compostable Carry Bag is a modern alternative to traditional plastic bags. They are made from natural materials. Some of the commonly used materials are cornstarch, coffee grounds, and vegetable oil. Hence, when they are discarded, it becomes easier to dispose of the bags without causing any harm to the environment. Not just that, some of the bags can also be used to fertilize the soil upon breaking. Furthermore, when compared to traditional plastic bags, they are much stronger.

Compostable bags


Understanding the importance

You may ask why compostable bags are important. The short and simple answer to that is they help in reducing the burden of pollution on the environment. One of the major contributors to landfills is plastic bags, with compostable bags, the amount of waste can be reduced to a great extent. Also, since the compostable bags give back nutrition to the soil, they end up making it much more fertile and of better quality. Furthermore, this bag type also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

What about the cost?

There is no argument that compostable bags are costly when compared to traditional plastic bags. Then, as a businessperson, why would you make a shift to this type of packaging material? The reason is to indirectly boost your business. Customers often appreciate a company’s effort in creating a greener environment. Hence, using compostable bags can help in enhancing your brand’s image. Other than that, the initial cost may seem high but eventually, it becomes affordable while saving the environment too.

Where to buy?

Truth be told, this market is expanding at a huge rate. Expectedly, there are many options when it comes to finding a Compostable Carry Bag Manufacturer. However, not all of them can help you in getting premium quality products at affordable prices. Hence, you need to select a supplier and manufacturer who have been making high-grade products. Modwrap is one such company. Established decades ago, they have the best quality packaging materials, including a wide range of compostable items. You can visit their website to know more.