Innovations for Plastic Bag Reduction

With increasing discussion about the environmental effects of plastic bags, individuals, retailers and even governments are exploring ways to reduce the effect of plastic bag waste.

Problems with Plastics

The abundance of plastic bags produced and tossed into landfills is a hazardous problem on several levels. Once tossed into a landfill, scientists believe it takes upwards of 500 years for plastic bags to decompose. Filling up both land and oceans, these bags are also dangerous to animals and sea creatures who accidentally ingest them, often yielding fatal results. The large amount of oil it takes to produce plastic bags is yet another environmental concern.

Retailers Charging to Reduce Use

In many states, Some retailers charge a Ruppee per plastic bag in an effort to get people to use reusable bags.

Government Fees

Some municipalities, from small towns to large cities have instituted mandatory fees for retailers to charge on all plastic bags.

Other Measures

Some states have enacted laws requiring recycling of plastic bags.