ISO Certification

The objectives of ISO

 1. To provide products that is customer focused or oriented

2. To produce products that meets customers' requirements

3. To enhance customer satisfaction for the products and their trust in it

4. To enhance quality management

5. To enhance effective and efficient products design and development.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy shapes approach of the organization to its customers. A quality policy establishes:

(i) a commitment to quality,

(ii) a commitment to continual improvement of the quality management system.

(iii) the context for quality objectives, and

(iv) how the organization’s objectives relate to customers’ requirements.

Our quality policy meet the following criteria:

(a) It should be linked to overall organizational goals,

(b) It should be relevant to the needs and expectations of the customers of the organization.

Accordingly, Our quality policy provide a framework for establishing and reviewing organization’s quality objectives.

Our quality policy include explicit commitments to customer satisfaction and continual improvement. Our Quality policy has a clear statement of outcomes. The policy is well understood by the staff of the organization. Product quality depends both on perceived customer satisfaction and on well motivated staff. Here it should be noted that the term ‘customer satisfaction’ could refer to both types of customers:

(a) internal customers (staff of the organization), and

(b) external customers (who buy product from the organization by paying the value).