Compostable Plastic Packaging – Easy on the Pocket and Environment

Invest in compostable bags for all your packaging needs if you want to enjoy a multitude of benefits. Right from saving the environment to saving money to making storage easier, these bags are one of the biggest innovations of this decade. The rising threat to wildlife, marine animals, birds, natural resources and water resources due to non-degradable plastic has forced scientists to come up with a material that acts and looks like plastic but is not plastic in the real sense. Read on further to understand why compostable plastic bags are easier to pack your goods with.

Benefits of Using Compostable Plastic Packaging

  • Environmental Benefits

The main problem with plastic bags is that it takes them more than a thousand years to decompose, which harms the soil and climate. Conversely, compostable plastic bags, which are made of corn starch, take about two to three years to break down and become manure. These bags do not endanger the environment because the decomposition process is entirely natural. These bags easily decompose in a few months or years, leaving no carbon footprint.

  • Safe for Animals

If ingested by animals, the compostable plastic bags do not pose a threat to their health. As these bags are made from natural materials, they decompose naturally, thereby ensuring that no animals are harmed due to them.

  • No Trouble from Authorities

The government in India has become quite strict regarding the use of traditional plastic bags. Single-use plastic bags have been banned from stores for quite some time now. As a packaging industry, it is better to use compostable plastic bags for the packaging of your goods if you want to stay away from any kind of government troubles or hefty fines.

  • Can be Used Just like Conventional Plastic Bags

These bags are so similar to traditional plastic bags that they can be used for packaging every single item that was earlier being packed in a traditional plastic bag. These compostable bags can be used in the packaging of stationary, medical supplies, toiletries, garments, machine parts and more.

  • Easy to Store and Affordable

Compostable plastic bags are easy to store in the factories as they occupy less physical space and are quite affordable.

So, if you haven’t already, replace all your conventional plastic bags with compostable plastic packaging and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing invention.